Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hi! Interestingly enough, I have another song to share. And the best part is that I just heard the song today and fell in love with it so much, the English version just came to me slowly and soon this was born. ^^

What song was that? It's Utada Hikaru's "Be my last". I seem to have something for Hikki's songs... but I really do love them. ^^

It's pretty messy and it really feels like those that I type on scrap paper without really much intention of sharing it, but what the heck.

Hope you guys enjoy it. ^^

Song: Be my last
Artist: Utada Hikaru

Mother, could you please tell me why
We all have the capability
To destroy what we've been given
Even those who in turn had gave

And the collage I see has fallen apart
I can't seem to throw it away
I can't seem to hold on to anything
Even when I tried to hold on your hand...

Be my last, be my last
Be my last, oh...
Be my last
Oh please, I beg of you...
Be my last

Though we never quite understood
I know we've tried the best we could
We had shared a mistaken love
But I know it could never be a mistake to me

Oh, I try but can't seem to hold on
How long will I drown within my broken dreams

With my hands, with my hands
With my hands, oh...
With my hands
With these hands that I own...
Be my last

Someday soon I'd find my way towards you
But tonight, I wanna see you for a moment

Though my hands can't hold on anything
I wonder which of us tried to grow apart

Be my last, be my last
Be my last, oh...
Be my last
Oh please, I beg of you...
Be my last

You can listen to how it's supposed to be sung:

[+] Please click here.

It was another really hard song to sing and I kinda lost it at the end. Like I said, this feels like something I wrote on a scrap piece of paper with the intention of keeping it first before really posting it up or even singing it. But hey, it was worth a try, right? And here's hoping someone who can sing like Hikki could re-sing this for me and make it sound even better.

Suggestions on fixing the lyrics are also welcome.

I may start posting lyrics without singing them as it's quite a pain to leave it around just waiting to be sung. I will post the lyrics and leave a link at the side. Once I have updated it with a song, I will post another notice.

Whether or not I want to use this blog a place for me to post up me singing other songs is debatable. Though I do enjoy singing, it's not something everyone would want to hear and I have my xanga to post up my singing there, though I get no opinions. Ah well... ^^;;;

Till I write more songs! And finish the ones I'm still in the midst of finishing as well!

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