Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This is my last offering before I leave and it's a really personal one. Thanks to a commenter on YouTube who recommended the brilliant green to me, I stumbled upon this song and fell in love with it instantly.

As the days grew closer to my departure, I had a lot of mixed feelings about it especially about the fact that I'm leaving all my friends here. And this song just suited perfectly somehow. So I felt compelled to write an English version so that they can get the message I wish to convey to them. And that is to always "stand by me" and that I treasure them dearly.

My singing isn't pitch perfect as usual. I sang this around 2-3am and my cough was acting up. But I did my best, I guess. I don't know when will I sing the next time. I worry that my life in Perth would make it tough. But here's to being hopeful that things will work out somehow, right? ^^

Thank you to everyone who has supported me up till now! This song is especially for you!

Song: Stand by me
Original Artist: the brilliant green

Another long day has ended once again
They disappear beyond doors that keep our past
I know that I might be causing my heart to break
But I long to see myself in different lights

Can I try? Why should I?
Cry the voice in my head
Where these thoughts in my heart lie asleep just because
You're always on my mind

So stand by me
Even as the world crumbles below
And when there's nothing left
Show me stars again,
I believe
Though all the lights above seem to disappear and no longer shine
When you are with me I know I'll be fine

I wonder if what I need and truly yearn
Could bring me the happiness that I truly seek
As long as I know that it will belong to me
As selfish as it sounds
It will be all right

But I know that someday if I were just to touch
It may break, disappear and will never come back
Though as much as I try

So stand by me
Face the door of fate, wish and defeat
And we will stand our ground
Even if we wait forever
And when our dreams come true
We can smile again and we'll believe
That friendship can bring the best out of you

I truly don't understand
When I begin to cry
For someone else than I
But I will treasure all, the good and the bad
The happiness and even the pain

Stand by me
Stand by me
Yeah baby

So stand by me
(So stand by me oh...)
Yeah baby, stand by me
(You're always on my mind)
I know the lights above will someday shine again if I believe
So I will carry on my path
And I'll be fine if you're here with me
So stand by me

If you want to hear how this is sung on Putflie:

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You can also watch/listen to it on YouTube:

And that's it. C&C welcome! And hopefully, I'll be able to post some works up the moment I've finally settled down in Perth! Wish me luck and thank you for the awesome support! ^^

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