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Requested by Yume-chan (though I was working halfway on it anyways). Your request has prompted me to finish this and yes, at last! It is finished! ^^

Mind you, I am a big fan of Olivia Lufkin. I think her music and lyrics are awesome! And her voice just makes everything so incredibly wonderful! I remembered when I watched the anime and first heard this song, I was hooked. I thought the opening was great, but the ending was just astounding and made it into my Fav list instantly. I soon began checking out her works and yes, I fell in love. ^^ Lol!

The song is called "A Little Pain" and it's from the anime NANA. I highly recommend the music from the anime, definitely has some of the best songs ever (in my opinion).

Now without further ado, here's the song! Hope you all like it! ^^

Song: A Little Pain
Original Artist: Olivia Lufkin/Olivia inspi' Reira
From: "Nana" 1st ED

Travel to the moon
When you dream you can cast all your fears away
For there's nobody here but the stars that light a path
That's bound to lead me to you

When I wanted to be strong I had lost my will to smile
I'm sure that I will find a way to laugh once again

Please notice me
I'm here waiting for you
Even if the future is unknown to us I know
I'm here waiting for you
I'll continue to cry out
I know in our hearts there's always something that will keep us linked together
And just like before, I will open my eyes once again
No need to cry

Travel in silence
When you stretch out your hand you can reach for me
Though you're so far away
All my memories of us will keep us close in heart

I can always hear your voice whenever I close my eyes
And though it's just a little pain, I'll still hold it dear

Please look for me
I'm here waiting for you
Even if the blowing winds may throw me off my way
I'm here waiting for you
Just look up towards the sky
My heart will forever be the strength that you will need to keep you carrying on
And just like before, you will be who you were meant to be
No need to cry

(Feel something Feel nothing
Listen closely Listen closely)
Wide open ears
Disarm the dream tickler
In the constant moment
(You will find me Where it's quiet
Listen closely Listen closely)
Let the blood flow
Through all the spaces
Of the universe

Please notice me
I'm here waiting for you
Even if the future is unknown to us I know
I'm here waiting for you
I'll continue to cry out
I know in our hearts there's always something that will keep us linked together
And just like before, I will open my eyes once again
No need to cry

If you want to hear how it is sung on Putfile:

[+] Please click here.

Or you can even watch it on YouTube:

I hope you guys like it, and don't mind the messy video and such. My voice isn't great as usual... this is just one of those songs I find pretty hard to sing. ^^;;; But I hope you all enjoyed it! Wanna sing it? Feel free to do so! Just let me know, that's all I ask.

Look out for more to come soon. Take care~! ^^

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